Detecting CallerID before Ring in Asterisk
Sunday, 5 April 2020
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These patches for Asterisk will detect the CallerID before the first ring.

All this code is based in a modification made by the people of OpenVox of the driver for the analog cards A800P and A400P. I took the A800P and A400P openvox driver and inserted the modifications in the modules wctdm and wctdm24xxp.

These patches have been tested with Zaptel and Asterisk, and they may have bugs ;) We are not responsible of any damage or data lost.

Original code: Mark Spencer <> and Matthew Fredrickson <>
CallerID modifications for OpenVox: Miao Lin <>
Migration from Openvox to Digium: Paco Brufal <>
Original Copyright (C) 2001, Linux Support Services, Inc.
Distributed under GNU GPL License.

Asterisk 1.4

How to apply these patches

  1. download the necessary files
  2. uncompress zaptel and asterisk
  3. copy wctdm24xxp1.4.10.1c.patch and wctdm24xxp1.4.10.1h.patch to kernel/wctdm24xxp/ inside zaptel source
  4. copy wctdm1.4.10.1c.patch in kernel directory of zaptel
  5. run:
cd zaptel-
cd kernel
patch -p0 < wctdm1.4.10.1c.patch
cd wctdm24xxp/
patch -p0 < wctdm24xxp1.4.10.1c.patch
patch -p0 < wctdm24xxp1.4.10.1h.patch
  1. copy chan_zap1.4.19.1.patch inside channels/ in the asterisk source code
  2. run:
patch -p0 < chan_zap1.4.19.1.patch
  1. compile and install zaptel
  2. compile and install asterisk
  3. edit zapata.conf and add this:
  1. load the modules like this:
modprobe wctdm cidbeforering=1 cidbuflen=10
modprobe wctdm24xxp cidbeforering=1 cidbuflen=10

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